Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #11

Tool #11

The 11 Tools assignment has opened my eyes to the many areas of technology that I am completely new to.  I have found the flipped classroom to be the most interesting use of the technology available. Implementing this flipped classroom is a bit tricky.  The few times I have tried it rendered many students who came to class unprepared.  Since math builds daily upon itself, I found myself wondering if I should move on to a new lesson and leave those who did not watch the video without learning the lesson or stop and teach the lesson to the whole group.  With students not having internet accessible to the them all the time at home, it poses a problem to the flipped classroom concept.  I personally do not like to move on to another lesson if I know that several have not been exposed to the lesson. With this said, I continue to try the flipped classroom concept when the material allows itself.  

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  1. There are ways teachers work thru students who are unprepared. One way is to have a few computers set up for those students to watch during class. Donna Ward at SFMS called parents to get their help.

    I just watched a webinar yesterday afternoon on the flipped classroom! For more information, go to There are lots of teachers there who might have additional ideas. It is about making students independent learners and having more time for small group interface.