Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tool #4
I have enjoyed learning about the Google docs.  I am actually quite excited about playing with this and incorporating it into my classroom.  Since I am completing my 11 Tools during the summer without the rest of my school's staff, I shared my documents with my own children.  I sent them a document requesting them to respond to my question stated in the document.  Next, I created a two-question quiz and sent it to my children for them to answer and send back to me.  Since they are no longer SBISD students due to being in college, I am wondering if they will be able to respond since it may require an SBISD login.  Nonetheless, I learned how to create the quiz and I like it! I sent it to myself and will practice answering the quiz and submitting it.  I am hopeful to use this google doc tool in my classroom as an online assignment.  I will certainly explore this site more and see what else there is to discover.

On to Tool #5.


  1. I am glad to see that we have a tool about Google Docs. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about it and am excited to get the opportunity to learn how to use it myself!

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