Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tool #3
This tool has taken me a little longer to accomplish due to it having a lot of information that I am not familiar with. I think that I am most interested in knowing the copyright laws when using pictures or videos that I might use embedded into future flip charts and making sure I do not do anything that goes against these laws.  I will refer to this tool #3 copyright video in the future to guide me as to what is legal for me to use and how.  I am also interested in the dropbox.  I have this on my ipad and iphone but have yet to really grasp how to store things in it and access those things when I am on a different device other than my devices that easily access the dropbox.  I can see that this would be a useful tool for me to use with my students to store copies of homework worksheets or possibly hard copies of flip charts that were presented in class.  I shall try to explore the possibilities of the dropbox concept. 

As far as embedding a link into this blog, I will attempt to post some links that were recommended to me by another educator as interesting ones explaining a study done on the blended classroom and the flipped classroom.  Refer to the following links for some good reading on the subjects: ;
I spent some time reading these reports and found them very interesting and wondered how I can incorporate some of this flipped classroom technique into my own classroom.  I can see it happening only in bits and pieces with the limited availability of technology in each classroom.  With that said, I hope to find a way to implement it into my classroom within this school year. It is a most interesting concept.  Thank you, Karen J, for directing me to these links.  

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  1. I am also learning about the ways to use a drop box and am looking forward to being able to access information on different devices that I have at school and home.