Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #8

Tool #8

After watching the videos/tutorials, I learned that the netbooks have webcams that can take photos and videos.  I learned how these two functions operate and where these photos/videos are stored on the device.  I also learned many things about the iPads.  I learned how to set up an iTunes account through my school email, how to locate district approved apps, how to download those apps, and how to synch these apps from my laptop to my classroom iPads.  I learned how to set up the wifi on the iPads and noted the suggestion as to giving each iPad an identification name.

Managing these devices will involve having each device numbered or named.  I think having a sign-out/sign-in sheet that sits on top of the computer cart will be useful as the students check out and check in their devices.  This will assure some accountability for their use of the devices.  I think it is a good idea to have someone/s assigned to check the devices once they are returned to the cart and make sure they are turned in and plugged in.  This 'check-in' person/s could be assigned on a weekly basis and simply have their name listed on the board as the person assigned for this task.  

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