Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tool #7

Tool #7

The first site that caught my attention was:
This site allows the reader to research Internet projects that other students have worked on or are currently working on. One such project listed directed me to:
which directed the reader to math problem solving videos and math games for all ages.  I clicked on the 7th grade level, since that is what I will be teaching, and found all sorts of options for the students.  They can find just about any math topic and watch a video showing step by step solutions with explanations of how and why the solution is reached. Or they can play a game relating to the same topic.  This would be a great tool for additional practice or as a tutorial to help a student clear up anything they might not have understood during the teacher's explanation. 

Since I am a new teacher and completing these Tools in the summer, I do not think I can collaborate with another classroom on a project.  I will say that I have already talked to one of my colleagues about having some sort of collaborative project for the upcoming school year.  We had discussed having the students do a project involving the stock market.  We talked about how we would implement this into our already packed curriculum and hope to find the time to fit it in.  We will need to decide whether students will pretend to buy stock or simply follow a particular stock.  We are not sure how we will go about doing this but the planning of it has been talked about. Since I am the 'new kid on the block', I would certainly count on my colleagues to suggest the tool which would work best for our collaborative project.   

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