Monday, July 2, 2012

Tool #2

I have commented on others' blogs and 'shared my thoughts' and feel pretty good about it. I am one who will probably post comments, in the future, only if I can add something to the posted comment that would be beneficial for others to read.  I suppose I might be inclined to ask a question if further information would be helpful to me.  

I found an interesting social networking site that posted a very interested You Tube video that I plan to look at again.  The website was  In one of their posts, someone recommended watching a You Tube video called The Fillped Classroom by Aaron Sams.  It was very interesting and presents a challenge to me.  I am working through how I can flip my classroom as a middle school math teacher.
On to Tool #3.  I am on a roll.


  1. I just read a GREAT report on a flipped classroom and Khan Academy. Here is the website by the teachers.

    Here is a link to the report:

    I'll go take a look at the video! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Fabulous report! Wow. I am overwhelmed with the information shared and how I can incorporate any of this blended learning into my classroom with the limited computers available. I do hope to explore this a little more. Thank for sharing the link.